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What is good design, and is there such thing as a good designer? DbD believes there is, and functions to educate people in this modern and post modern world that design is good and bad; not subjective as they teach in schools of art and architecture.  Good design can only happen when one is in constant contact with nature and the nature of space.  Every plant, animal, and ecosystem on the planet is well designed and created to weather the harshest of conditions, those that aren’t quickly fade out of existence. It’s no different from the things we as humans create.  A great example would be our innate desire for things of the past; most would say this urge is driven by nostalgia, but we say it’s driven by a lack of quality and care that used to be present in the things that we did create; a lack of sensitivity to nature and how it reacts to us.

It’s no wonder we are unhappy in our homes built from speed grown lumber with little to no windows.  These homes were designed with the dollar in mind and are destined to fail us.  DbD believes we are not too far gone in this epidemic, we can lift ourselves out of this hole we’ve dug; but we must revolt against the modern codes of building and economics which now enslave us.  We can do this by implementing age old design patterns that did our ancestors good, and we will be talking about these things in the discussion forum in the future.  We must also take up a new view on community and what it should look like.  So many humans have traded to the big box mentality in lieu of saving a few bucks and have put millions out of work by closing small businesses.  This is bad design.

DbD believes in sustainable business practices not based on growth (as our current economic model is).  We should measure our success on the impact we have in the community and our staying power as a company.  We desire to be held accountable to those in the local community and believe this is achieved by working very closely (one on one) with our clients to make sure they are happy; at the same time sharing with them the wonderful experience of good design.

For too long, the concept of design has been limited to a select few people with a lot of money, leaving the poor to live in poorly designed conditions, further adding to the friction already existent in their lives.  Even the middle class are cut out from good design as their choices for most things have been reduced to (in the most simple terms) the choice between Target and Herman Miller (a company most of us can’t afford)

Good Design finds solutions for these problems, and a sustainable company is more apt to find those solutions as our bottom line is not money, but longevity.  DbD offers low cost design solutions for those in need and those doing benevolent work, and believes the human condition is edified through objects that remove friction from their minds and lives.  We aren’t the only ones who practice this way, and we hope you’ll join us as we embark on our latest journey in Detroit, MI.  We are aiming high to serve all of the communities in the Detroit Metro Area, and believe this city can be changed by the very concepts briefly touched on here.  Stay tuned for more on us and what we’re doing and please feel free to join in the discussion and lend us your opinions.

We are interested in working closely with other designers and businesses to better the world we live in.  Please contact us.

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